Captain Sternn – Running out of Time

Captain Sternn is considered “part Han Solo, part James Garner from The Great Escape“. He is drawn as a caricature of Superman, although his clothing is different; he wears a pseudo-military uniform. He is always accompanied by a small, levitating one-eyed robot, named Beezer, that is his most faithful companion.

Captain Sternn: Running Out of Time” 1-5 was publlished by Kitchen Sink Press in 1993. In this limited series, Captain Sternn and his companion Justin Tyme discover that the secret of recent walking dead sightings is a plot by the “Cosmic Coola” company. The CEO, Fillmore Coffers, has been harvesting a highly addictive plant from the Jurassic period for use in his top-selling space beverage. Coffers traps Sternn and his crew in the ancient, dinosaur filled past in hopes of silencing them.


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