X-Factor V1 (1986)

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X-Factor launched in 1986 featuring an eponymous team composed of the five original X-Men that debuted in X-Men #1 (1963):

  • Angel – A millionaire heir, capable of flight by means of two feathery wings extending from his back.
  • Beast – A brilliant scientist possessing bestial strength and agility.
  • Cyclops – Former X-Men team leader, with the ability to emit powerful “optic blasts” from his eyes.
  • Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) – The long-time love of Cyclops, possessing telekinetic abilities.
  • Iceman – A brash jokester, gifted with cryokinetic abilities.

The founding of X-Factor hinged upon the reunion of the original X-Men, an event complicated by the extensive histories of the characters following the initiation of a new team of X-Men in 1975.


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