Death’s Head 2 V2 (1993)

Originally launched as a four-issue limited series, Death’s Head II then became an ongoing series – and also featured in a number of team-up limited series designed to showcase new Marvel UK characters. One of these was Death3, teaming up Death’s Head II with newly created “brothers”, Death Metal and his prototype Death Wreck. The recurring character throughout this was Dr Evelyn Necker, the scientist who creates the Minion series (Death’s Head II and his “brothers”). Death’s Head II became the flagship character for Marvel UK – a costume was even made for promotional appearances and was part of the 1993 Lord Mayor’s Show – and there were concerns at Marvel UK in early 1993 that they could be overestimating his popularity and over-exposing the character. When Marvel UK was cancelled, a Death’s Head II/Punisher crossover was in production and he was playing a key role in the completed, but never published, Loose Cannons (released online).


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