Amazing Spider-Man (2000’s)

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With issue #30 (June 2001), J. Michael Straczynski took over as writer and oversaw additional storylines — most notably his lengthy “Spider-Totem” arc, which raised the issue of whether Spider-Man’s powers were magic-based, rather than as the result of a radioactive spider’s bite. Additionally, Straczynski resurrected the plot point of Aunt May discovering her nephew was Spider-Man, and returned Mary Jane, with the couple reuniting in The Amazing Spider-Man #50. Straczynski gave Spider-Man a new profession, having Parker teach at his former high school.

Issue #30 began a dual numbering system, with the original series numbering (#471) returned and placed alongside the volume-two number on the cover. Other longtime, rebooted Marvel Comics titles, including Fantastic Four, likewise were given the dual numbering around this time. In October 2000, John Romita Jr. succeeded John Byrne as artist. After vol. 2, #58 (Nov. 2003), the title reverted completely to its original numbering for #500 (Dec. 2003). Mike Deodato, Jr. penciled the series from mid-2004 until 2006.


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