Darkhawk (1991)

Darkhawk appeared in a self-titled monthly series for 50 issues that was published by Marvel Comics from March 1991 to March 1995, and included three standalone annuals. Although created by DeFalco and Manley, DeFalco was never credited as a writer of the series. The original writer was Danny Fingeroth.

After his own series ended, Darkhawk co-starred or cameoed in other titles over the following years, such as New Warriors, Avengers/JLA, and Iron Man, eventually resurfacing in Runaways Vol.2 #1-6, followed by Marvel Team Up Vol.3 #15 and the short-lived Loners series. New Warriors writer Fabian Nicieza said in 1992 that “People keep coming up to me and asking, ‘Is Darkhawk a member of the New Warriors or not?’ Well, yes and no. The New Warriors isn’t an official group with a rule book and charter and the like. They’re more of a club for super-powered teens. So if Darkhawk wants to hang out on a Friday evening and talk about his powers, then he’ll stop by the New Warriors’ crash pad.”


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