Green Arrow – The Longbow Hunters (1987)

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters was nominated for a 1988 Eisner Award for Best Finite Series.

The series proved popular enough that DC Comics commissioned the first ever Green Arrow ongoing series, also written by Grell (writer from issues #1-80, 1988-1993). The series ran for 11 years. Grell would write a retelling of Green Arrow’s origin and first case in Secret Origins, (vol. 2) #38 (March 1989). Grell also wrote and illustrated the official Post-Crisis origin of Green Arrow in Green Arrow: The Wonder Year miniseries in 1993.

The series was major influence on TV series Arrow. Oliver is not referred to as “Green Arrow” in the show, wears a hooded costume similar to that worn in The Longbow Hunters, and in the first season, is willing to use lethal force. Edward Fyers is a main antagonist in the first season, and Shado has a recurring role in the first and second seasons. A character based on the Seattle Slasher, referred to as the Starling Slasher to match the show’s setting, appeared in the episode “Blind Spot.”

In 2014, writer Jeff Lemire used the name “Longbow Hunters” for a team of villains in his final story arc in the New 52 Green Arrow series.


2 thoughts on “Green Arrow – The Longbow Hunters (1987)

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this book. I adored this mini, and the Grell run on the Green Arrow series, when I was younger. Queen’s uncompromising stance, that he dealt with real world problems like drug gangs and murders, and even the use of a real place as the setting, it all made for such a unique superhero book. It may be time to revisit.

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