Guardians of the Galaxy (1990)

(The team first appeared in the partial reprint title Marvel Super-Heroes with issue #18 (Jan. 1969), written by Arnold Drake and penciled by Gene Colan. They appeared sporadically in several Marvel titles, such as Marvel Two-In-One #4–5 (July–Sept. 1974), Astonishing Tales(April 1975), and Giant Size Defenders #5 and Defenders #26–29 (July–Nov. 1975). In each case, other heroes such as Captain America, the Thing, and the Defenders aid them in their war against the alien Badoon.

The Guardians were next featured in Marvel Presents #3–12 (Feb. 1976 – Aug. 1977). This was followed by a series of appearances in Thor Annual #6 (1977), The Avengers #167–177 (Jan.–Nov. 1978) and #181 (March 1979), Ms. Marvel #23, Marvel Team-Up #86 (Oct. 1979), andMarvel Two-in-One #61-#63 & #69 (Nov. 1980).

In the early 1990s, the Guardians starred in a self-titled comic that ran for 62 issues. This series was initially written and illustrated by Jim Valentino. With issue #29 (Oct. 1992) Michael Gallagher commenced writing the title, and continued until its cancellation with issue #62 (July 1995). A spin-off four-issue miniseries, Galactic Guardians (July–Oct. 1994), followed.


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