Foolkiller (1990)

Steve Gerber’s Foolkiller miniseries, illustrated by JJ Birch, was published from October 1990 to October 1991. It focused on a new character, Kurt Gerhardt who had reached a state of homicidal despair after the random murder of his father, a divorce, the loss of his bank job (part of the saving and loan crisis), and being brutally robbed at his new job in a fast-food restaurant.

Each version of the Foolkiller primarily used a “purification gun,” a pistol capable of shooting a laser-like beam of energy capable of totally incinerating a human being within seconds. They also used mobile computer systems and surveillance systems to locate and track victims.

All of the Foolkillers have been athletic men with no superhuman powers, and all are criminally insane. Gerhardt was skilled in basic hand-to-hand combat and had developed a high tolerance for pain. He was also a good strategist and a master of disguise.

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