X-Men: Legacy (2008)

X-men Volume 2 was renamed X-Men: Legacy starting in February 2008 with issue #208. The new title reflects a shift in the series direction to focusing on solo X-Men characters versus being a team-based book as the title was previously.[11]

The re-titled series follows on from the conclusion of the Messiah Complex crossover, where Professor X was accidentally shot in the head by Bishop. Shortly after the X-Men presumed him deceased, his body disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown. X-Men: Legacy initially followed the Professor’s presumed road to recovery as well as the encounters he faced, such as a battle with the mutant Exodus on the psychic plane and discoveries about his past that include Mr. Sinister.

Many characters have been featured in the title, including RogueMagnetoGambit, and the Acolytes. The title also featured flashbacks relevant to the ongoing present story as well as answered dangling plot lines throughout X-Men continuity.


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