The Magic Order (2018)

The Magic Order is written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Olivier Coipel. The first comic in the series was published on 13 June 2018. It is published by Image Comics and the property of Netflix which bought Millarworld in 2017. It consists of six issues. The series is R-rated adult fantasy. The comic is the first comic book series released by Millarworld since being acquired by Netflix and marks the start of phase 2 of Millarworld.

The comic is centered on the Magic Order, which is a group of five families of magicians entrusted to keep the world safe from supernatural problems. However, the order is in danger as its members are being targeted and picked off one by one. They must now find this enemy and stop the murders. The members of the Magic Order live among normal people. By day, they act as neighbors, friends, or lovers. By night, they are sorcerers, magicians and wizards who protect us from the forces of evil.

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