Fathom: Dawn of War (2004)

Fathom: Dawn of War bridges the gap between the original series and Fathom vol. 2. The story focuses on the Blue warrior Kiani, who is forced to side with the rebellious councilman Marqueses in order to save her master, Casque, from the clutches of human military scientists. Marqueses has engineered the situation in order to kidnap Casque and to secure the older warrior’s immense power for an offensive against the humans. Kiani tracks down Marqueses and saves Casque only to find he is part of the Black. The Black come for Casque, and he is forced to rejoin them, leaving Kiani angry and lost.

Dawn of War emphasizes Kiani’s loneliness and character development. It also introduces audiences further to the underwater world of the Blue.

Fathom Dawn of War #0 Limited Edition NM $19

Verotika (1994)

Verotika is an erotic horror anthology that attracted some of the best talent in the industry. Grant Morrison, Simon Bisley, and Frank Frazetta all worked on this anthology that offered creators the opportunity to unleash some of the most depraved, filthy, perverted and downright immoral stories ever told in comics. After every issue readers were left with the feeling that they needed to bathe in holy water.

Star Trek: Mission’s End (2009)

The series centers around the artificial planet Archernar IV and it’s two native sentient species, the Archernariansand Crawlers. The series begins at the start of the Enterprise‘s five-year mission at the start of contact with Archernar, and then skips ahead to the Enterprise‘s final mission to the planet as it prepares to join the Federation. At the conclusion of the Archernar mission the Enterprise returns to Earth, with the crew moved by the mission to take on new roles, as seen at the start of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Vengeance of Vampirella (1990’s)

Upon Warren’s bankruptcy shortly afterward, Harris Publications acquired the company assets at auction in August 1983, although legal murkiness and a 1999 lawsuit by Warren publisher James Warren resulted in his re-acquisition of the rights to sister publications Creepy and Eerie. Harris Comics published Vampirella stories in various series and miniseries from 1991 to 2007. Harris also published Vampirella #113, a one-issue continuation of the original series, containing solely reprinted stories, in 1988.


From Hell (1989)

From Hell is a graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist Eddie Campbell, originally published in serial form from 1989 to 1996 and collected in 1999. Set during the Whitechapel murders of the late Victorian era, the novel speculates upon the identity and motives of Jack the Ripper. The novel depicts several true events of the murders, although portions have been fictionalised, particularly the identity of the killer and the precise nature and circumstances of the murders. The title is taken from the first words of the “From Hell” letter, which some authorities believe was an authentic message sent from the killer in 1888.

Vampirella: Morning in America (1991)

Upon Warren’s bankruptcy, Harris Publications acquired the company assets at auction in August 1983, although legal murkiness and a 1999 lawsuit by Warren publisher James Warren resulted in his reacquisition of the rights to sister publications Creepy and EerieHarris Comics published Vampirella stories in various series and miniseries from 1991 to 2007. Harris also published Vampirella #113, a one-issue continuation of the original series, containing solely reprinted stories, in 1988.

MAD (Golden Age)

MAD is an American humor magazine founded in 1952 by editor Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines, launched as a comic book before it became a magazine. It was widely imitated and influential, affecting satirical media as well as the cultural landscape of the 20th century, with editor Al Feldstein increasing readership to more than two million during its 1974 circulation peak. As of January 2017, Mad has published 544 regular issues, as well as hundreds of reprint “Specials,” original material paperbacks, compilation books and other print projects.


Cyberfrog: Resevoir Frog (1996)

Cyberfrog attacks a band of cybernetic insects known as the Swarm who murdered a young couple in their apartment. As the Swarm gain the advantage Cyberfrog finds two large cannons have appeared on his arms. Unsure of the origins of the weapons Cyberfrog quickly drives the Swarm away. Meanwhile, the spirit of Ben Riley appears to a suicidal teen named Yoshi and offers Yoshi his artifact. Later, the Swarm have assembled underground and rally together, vowing to rid the streets of those who created and abandoned them; Traffik. Heather arrives at Cyberfrog’s apartment shortly before the Swarm attacks in full force.[

A large spacecraft emerges from a swamp and flies away as the Swarm surrounds Cyberfrog’s apartment and begins their attack. Cyberfrog has again found himself bearing powerful weapons. The leader of the Swarm kills the leader of Traffik, and Ben passes his artifact to Yoshi, christening him as Dragon-Fly. Cyberfrog engages the Swarm in a heated battle and is eventually overwhelmed. Heather investigates the battle and is targeted by the Swarm. Cyberfrog jumps in front of the shots meant for Heather and is heavily wounded.The spacecraft from the swamp suddenly arrives at the battle, kills all members of the Swarm and informs Heather that it is Cyberfrog’s mother.

Robotech (2017)

In June, 2016, Harmony Gold and Titan Comics announced a collaboration to release a new Robotech comic line in 2017. A cover was revealed in October, drawn by the Waltrip brothers. This series marks the very first time the Robotech story has been rebooted, offering significant changes to events and characters.

Vampire Hunter D (2016)

Drawn to Mars by an ancient message from Cecile, a girl who could see the future, D arrives to find a colony that is little more than a blood farm. With Left Hand by his side, D sets out to cleanse Mars of the vampire scourge.

Vampire Hunter D #1 NM $4